Friday, May 16, 2014

The One (The Wedding Dress)

Buying a wedding dress is hands down the most important part of the wedding for the bride. Going into a dress shop with the dream dress in mind may not always be the dress a bride will walk out with. No one can pick the perfect dress for a bride, she can't even pick it out herself. The only way to know when the perfect dress comes along is by trying it on.

''You just know'', anyone who has been in love knows, that there is no way to explain the hows or whys of it all you just simply know. The same goes for wedding dresses. A bride can walk into a wedding store wanting lace and frills and beading everywhere, and walk out with someone so plain it could be the complete opposite of what she originally thought she wanted. The thing with wedding dresses is, you have to try it on and when you do, you get this feeling. It's like being a princess, most woman cry because they just know that they have the dress they are going to walk down the isle to.

Magazines, online catalogs and even blogs can offer suggestions and give links to beautiful dresses but all that does is help the bride decide what styles she likes and which she'd rule out. A bride simply can't find her perfect dress by looking at pictures alone.