Friday, May 16, 2014

Photographers and Videographers

Many couples assume that they can save money but getting an amateur photographer or videographer. The truth is a wedding is the most important day of two people's life together, chancing something like photos to someone who may have no idea what they are doing isn't the best idea. Photographs from the big day are things couples will enjoy for years to come, they will look back on them and hopefully remember their perfect day. Not to mention family and friends will want to see all the pictures and the last thing any couple wants is to be ashamed of how their pictures came out.

If a couple doesn't know of a professional photographer or is worried about how good their photographer is, the best thing to do is to schedule engagement pictures with the same person. This way the couple gets their photos well in advance of their wedding day and can decided if they would like to use the same person for their big day or go with someone else.

It is harder to test out videographers, so if someone close to the couple has used a certain company or person it is best to ask them to see the video they had done. Reviews and recommendations are great in helping pick out a good videographer, but seeing the work is always the best way to judge.

Pictures and Poses:

Photographs are forever and the best way to remember a couple's big day. They are a big part of the wedding, and are things the couple will show off for years to come. Each individual photographer may have different ideas on what pictures to take but here are some great options and a few of the top 50 must have wedding photos according to Kristen O'Gorman Klein of Bridal Guide.

The Romantic Lift photo by: Rebekah J. Murray Photography

Through Your Wedding Ring  photo by: Aubrey Joy Photography

An Enthusiastic First Kiss photo by: Emily Blake Photography

Holding Your Parents' Wedding Photo photo by: Ana Lui Photography

In Your Own World On A Busy Street photo by: Hoffer Photography

A Romantic Kiss photo by: Photographs By Anjuli

L-O-V-E photo by: Rebecca Fitzpatrick Photography

A Flipped Perspective Of The First Kiss photo by: Daniele Del Castillo

With Your Marriage Licence photo by: Visionyard Photography

Can You Keep A Secret? photo by: True Photography

Saying ''Thanks'' photo by: Stephanie Moe Photography

Frame Within A Frame photo by: Renaissance Studios

Pinky Swear photo by: Amber Engfer Photography

Surrounded By Love photo by: Inspire Photography

Wrapped Up In His Jacket photo by: Megan Small Photography

Stop-Motion photo by: Sugarlens Photography

A Look From Above photo by: AMS Photography

On A Park Bench photo by: Jen Philips

Together Before The Ceremony photo by: Dianne Personett Photography

With Your Shoes On Display photo by: Clear Skies Photography

One or all of these pictures would make beautiful shots to frame and display, to send as Thank You cards, or to give as gifts. Pictures are one of the best treasure a couple receives from their wedding, and amazing pictures help the couple relieve their big day for the years to come.