Friday, May 16, 2014

The Groom

The grooms get the short end of the marriage stick. Truly the wedding day is about the bride, all they have to do is show up and stand there. When it comes to what the groom and his groom's men wear there is a lot of colour options but they have to match the wedding's theme. The groom can not wear a light grey suit at a wedding that has bright red and white as a theme. The safest and most traditional colours the groom gets to pick from is black and white. However, there are many other decisions to make when it comes to buying tuxedos. The jacket style, whether to get a vest, cummerbund (or cumberbund), long tie, bow tie (even though the bride may have some opinions on these aspects!) The best way for the groom to incorporate the wedding colour into his outfit is by getting a tie that matches either a bit of colour in the bride's dress or flowers. The same goes for the groom's men, their ties should match the bride's maids dresses.

Shoes for the groom and his men are simple, match the shoes to the suit. (Black tuxedo, black shoes; white tuxedo, white shoes.)