Sunday, December 30, 2012


The country's official name is the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria. Sudan was originally the largest country in Africa, but once it was split up, Algeria became the largest in terms of land area. Algeria borders Tunisia in the northeast, Libya to the east and Morocco to the west. Almost 80-90% of Algeria is in the Sahara desert,, tourists can actually camel trek into the desert which is know for having vast endless seas of sand. The Sahara sand dunes are really high and extremely magnificent. Algeria's main languages are Arabic though french is sometimes used though out the country especially in politics and newspapers and almost 99% of the population is Muslim the 1% is made up of Christians, Pentecostal protestants and Jews. Instead of writing another Muslim wedding for this country like the last two, I am going to write just one wedding for Algeria. The theme will be the country itself and the ceremony will take place outside so that it can be adapted to any religion.

Getting married in Algeria is a little more difficult than in Afghanistan or Albania. To get married in Algeria both the bride and groom must be in the country for 21 days before notice of intention to marry is granted. If the couple is visiting and does not live in Algeria they will need to present their passports, a certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (Single Status Certificate by the Embassy) and Original Birth Certificate(s) (less than three months old legalized by the Embassy).