Friday, November 9, 2012

Starting this Blog

The most important time in any woman's life is the time she gets engaged up until the big day. But when planning a wedding as an adult, it's not as simple as the fairy tale weddings as a child. Dealing with budgets, ordering things in on time, and schedules can take the simplicity out of a wedding pretty quickly; and though there are professional wedding planners out there to help, not everyone has room in their budget to put upward to a thousand dollars for a little help on their big day. And, even with a wedding planner, they are only there to help make sure everything goes off without a hitch. But, what about decoration ideas, or meal ideas, help with flower arrangements and centerpieces.

I am not a professional, and I don't claim to be, but I do have a passion for weddings and detail. My blog will center around weddings, all around the world, with a number of different themes, ideas, and a list of must haves for every wedding. Weddings are special things, and even though most brides have an idea in mind, they need a little help with all the small details and that is where my blog just may come in handy. I take the time to find where to buy a wedding cake in Nashville, or a dress in Paris, or where to book hotel rooms or churches in Annapolis. Though I can only recommend places because of what I read, sometimes just a stepping stone is all a bride and groom will need.

Every wedding I blog about, I have planned in detail and only offer links to items I would pick/have at my own wedding. For some places, I may offer multiple themes for the location and that is simply because in any location there can be different themes specific to that location. With multiple themes, it is easy for couples to pick and choose what they want so they can have a little bit of everything. Either way this blog is simply to give ideas and make things a little simpler on the happy couple.